Leasing Pool

Tradisys Node is the most profitable Waves node. We launched our node in June 2018 and always paid out 100% of mining rewards. Our leasing model lets us pay even more.
Leasing to Tradisys: simple, stable, secure.

Now we pay every day!

100% fee payouts. 100% Block Reward payouts.

Example: for 1000 Waves leased you will get ~66 Waves/year.


Generated Rewards



The main goals of Tradisys node is to support the Waves network and to build a strong community. That’s why we don’t take any commissions for ourselves and pay out 100% of the mining rewards to our leasers.
Finally, our users split the reward of those who cancel their lease prior to the next payout, which effectively encourages staying with Tradisys node 🙂

Every 1440 blocks. 1 block equals ~1 minute, so we proceed payouts every day.

Thanks to Waves LPoS system, the leased funds never leave the wallet and remain under the full control of the user. Hence, Tradisys team never has access to your leased funds and you can cancel the lease at any time.

You can find us at official Waves Forum. We are also available at Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Medium, Instagram and GitLab.

Address for Leasing