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Weirwoods will be planted

The story

The army of the dead lessors is merciless, but we managed to throw back the henchmen of the Night King. The battle for Winterfell was bloody and cruel. The fire has destroyed not only the fortress, but also all the surrounding neighborhood, including the ancient Godswood. All the weirwoods were burned to the ground. And while the army of the living prepares for a new offensive of the enemy, we invite everyone to participate in the restoration of lost heritage and recreate the Godswood.


September 22, 2018 in the Moscow suburbs will be the largest annual tree planting event, which will involve 200,000 people that will plant 1,500,000 trees. The site of the event is here (Russian only. Please, use the Google Site Translate tool). A part of the seedlings will be purchased at the Kolionovo incubator, and the Tradisys team will personally participate in the event. We will go to plant oaks, which are the prototypes of weirwoods in the Game of Thrones. You can take part in the event together with us!

How to participate

You can plant oaks together with the Tradisys team. Yes, we will come to plant oaks in the Moscow region personally. We will fly there from St. Petersburg, where on the 20th of September we will take part in the official Waves Platform meetup as speakers. To participate in the Godswood recreation event, you need to get here.

If you are not able to take part personally, then there is an alternative: we will purchase additional seedlings from the Kolionovo Nursery and plant them for you! Kolionovo takes part in this event every year for 12 years as an active participant and supplier of seedlings. The Kolionovo Nursery accepts the Kolion and KolionPlus tokens as payment for its products. We will plant 1 oak for every 2 KolionPlus tokens that will be sent to the address 3P8LYFWE8k7A1ajecYfNmHwnUa24pHTtWYR. This year we will be able to plant up to 400 seedlings.

Where I can get KolionPlus tokens

The Tradisys team sent out a certain amount of KolionPlus tokens to all our Tradisys Node lessors with every leasing payment for more than two months already. If you are not a lessor of our Node or at the moment you do not have KolionPlus tokens in your wallet, then you can buy them on the Waves DEX exchange for Waves or Bitcoin.

KolionPlus token ID: 6a51WJiyF59YTyPo8VzR7xA12EFsbiVT2NG8BXJ2otNm

To make a donation send your KolionPlus tokens to this address: 3P8LYFWE8k7A1ajecYfNmHwnUa24pHTtWYR

You can donate any number of KolionPlus tokens, but this year we will be able to acquire and plant only 400 seedlings maximum (2 KolionPlus tokens per piece). All the unused funds we will spend on the spring planting in 2019.

Beware of scammers!

A special prize

Helping nature is great! Furthermore, we have a little surprise for you. Among all those who sent at least 2 KolionPlus tokens, we will randomly pick one account and give a special prize from the Tradisys team: Ledger Nano S!

20th September at the Waves Platform meetup in St. Petersburg we plan to present the first oracle in the Waves network. A reliable random number generator will help us determine the winner with a smart contract. Each participant will receive a special Game of Nodes token for every 2 donated KolionPlus tokens. These tokens will give you a chance to win the Ledger Nano S! More tokens – more chances.

Questions and transparency

We will publish the photos from fields as well as the photos of seedlings. It will be fun! Moreover, each tree planted as a result of the Tradisys initiative will receive a special tag on the branch with the event logo. The logo of the event is temporarily placed in the header of our web site instead of the Tradisys logo. The photos will be published on this page once the planting is finished and the Tradisys team is back to the office in Minsk.

For any other questions related to the event, please contact us in our Telegram channels: Russian, English. We also actively support discussions on our forums: Russian, English.