Leasing model updated

Our leasing model has been updated

Dear lessors! We hasten to share with you the renewed policy of the Tradisys leasing pool, and also a couple of pleasant news.

Updated payout policy

We are switching to a model of weekly payments. Starting from the next payout period, which starts the day after tomorrow, payments will occur once a week.

New partner bonuses

The model of paying out partner bonuses was recognized as successful. Despite the ongoing problems with the Waves DEX matcher, we are expanding the list of partner tokens. Now we will weekly add 50 KolionPlus tokens (6a51WJiyF59YTyPo8VzR7xA12EFsbiVT2NG8BXJ2otNm) to the reward pool. In addition to this, the main Kolion token (EYz8Zvs62D4d7F5ZgXHCWuzuFaZg63FYnfVQrTWQoLSK) will be distributed on a weekly basis in the amount of 50 tokens.

More benefits

The Waves team leased to a number of pools, including ours, a part of its stake. It is nice. It is even more pleasant that the Waves team does not pretend to receive rewards from the leasing of this stake. We have already mentioned in our manifesto that we will not take rewards from leasing waves, we decided to distribute all the tokens, which would be "mined" with the stake of the Waves team, between the remaining lessors of the Tradisys Node.

Brevity is the sister of talent

We have significantly reworked our leasing page. We reduced the amount of information to focus lessor’s attention on the most important things.

Postponed. But just for a while

As for the development of the UniBot, UniMarket and UniList, the bonuses from which we prepared for our lessors: they are all tied to a single ecosystem that was broken by unforeseen problems of the main matcher. These problems have been going on for a long time, so we have to pause the development of these tools. We will resume the development as soon as the matcher is fixed. Nobody likes to break the deadlines, but sometimes things happen for objective external reasons. Nothing depends on us.

Add some intrigue

There is one more thing that we would like to share with you. With the increase in the number of the Tradisys Node lessors, we seriously considered fully automating the process of leasing payments. After significant refactoring of the payments bot code, we approached to a point, where we can soon launch the bot on the Node’s server. After the launch the bot will be in a fully automatic mode make payments by the due date, without any intervention from our side.

We continue working on projects aimed at even greater decentralization of the network. These projects are related to smart contracts, which all of you, including us, are so hard waiting in MAINNET. And, of course, we are actively working on the next chapter of the Game of Nodes.

See you soon!

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