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All our products, services, and consulting can be paid for with one of the following cryptocurrencies: WAVES, XLM, BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH.

The base price for each type of service is set in WAVES, but if you want to make a payment in another coin, we will convert the total amount at the time of making this payment.


We will help you to organize the automated buying and selling of your token. Our service includes:

  • Placing a set of BID and ASK orders for buying and selling your token in any pairs.
  • Creating an extremely narrow spreads (up to 0.1%) in all markets.
  • Ability to choose a pricing strategy for the token (please see the details below).

You can choose the number of pairs (up to 5) in which your token will be traded. All markets will be synchronized and protected from arbitrage. You can choose one of the following pricing strategies for your token from the list below:

  • Mirror model. We will set the price of the token at the rate of your token in any pair from another exchange (in case your token has been already listed on some cryptocurrency exchange) and synchronize all the markets at this rate.
  • Fixed model. We can fix the price of your token equal to some value in WAVES or any other asset or fiat money, for example, 1 WAVES or 1 USD, and this price will be maintained and adjusted in all markets.
  • Deposit model. The price of your token will be tied to the liquidity provided as a token supply. So, the price will be dynamic, changing depending on market movements.

Regardless of the chosen pricing model for your token, we guarantee the growth of the token deposit (i.e. the liquidity provided as a token supply) by 1-4% per month. We are also able to create any trading volume for your token, if you need it for marketing purposes or to pass through CoinMarketCap filter. The size of the deposit for setting up a market is not included in the price and calculated individually for each case.

Price: 1200 WAVES/month

Creating trading volumes

If you prefer to place orders manually or just temporarily do not need a full market making service for your token, then we can offer you the service of creating trading volumes of your token in any pairs. You decide in which pairs you want to trade your token. We connect our trading bots to these markets, “draw” beautiful candles and create the required volumes. As practice shows, live traders are actively joining such markets, because they are often guided by the volumes, when choosing tokens to trade.

Price: 150 WAVES/month

Technical consulting

For those who are thinking about integration of blockchain technology and tokens into their businesses, we are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you. We will tell you everything you need to know about the blockchain technology, tokens, integration models, accompanying them with examples of successful and unsuccessful project implementations. We really appreciate your and our time, and therefore we do not artificially extend consulting sessions, giving you clear, precise, brief information full of facts and examples. And we are giving this information in a simple and understandable language, of course. We are ready to provide our extensive knowledge and expertise in the following blockchains: Waves, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar.

Price: 170 WAVES/hour

Legal consulting

Within our team there is a professional lawyer with years of experience in jurisprudence. For the last 3 years he has been actively studying the interface between blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and all sorts of models of their interaction with the public sector. He is ready to share his knowledge and experience with you at a reasonable price. This consulting service can be provided in the form of a voice talk, or our lawyer can reply to you in a written form, providing a detailed information on a specific issue in the form of a document. The service is only relevant for the legal field of the Russian Federation.

Price: 200 WAVES/hour

Writing smart contracts

We can write smart contracts for you of any technically possible complexity in the following blockchains: Waves, Ethereum, Stellar, EOS. Work is conducted strictly according to the technical task/software requirements specification and is estimated in man-hours. An important note: we do not write smart contracts for projects, where smart contracts are not actually needed and added to the project just for marketing or other irrelevant purposes.

Price: 100 WAVES/hour

Smart contracts audit

If you already have a team that develops smart contracts, or you have a ready, developed smart contract, then we can offer you the audit of this existing smart contract. We can check it for compliance with the technical task/ software requirements specification and identify possible security vulnerabilities. In this case, we do not evaluate the value and necessity of the smart contract, but we take on the reputational risks associated with the audit results and the subsequent use of the smart contract.

Price: 150 WAVES/hour

Application and game development

We can help you with, or completely take over the development of applications or games on the blockchain. The range of services includes: business analysis, project management, design, development of smart contracts, back-end and front-end development.

Price: from 5000 WAVES

Setting up a node on the Waves blockchain

We have created detailed instructions on how to set up a node on Waves, and there is also an instruction for installing a node in 1 click. If you doubt your abilities and do not want to risk, then we are ready to do it for you. We will not just install the node, configure it, prepare to work with the API, but we will also conduct a full briefing on the node maintenance and updating. Moreover, we will make all the settings to ensure the security of the node. You just need to listen to us carefully. After installing the node, you will need to run 1 script yourself (we will tell you how to do it) that will change the node's wallet to whatever wallet you want, and also help you change the password for accessing the node. Thus, it will be protected from us too.

Price: 100 WAVES

Waves node service

Nodes need to be updated from time to time. We are ready to do it for you. Before we start with the node service, you need to run a script that deletes the wallet file from the node (for security reasons). After all the work is completed, you will need to run another script that will restore the wallet file and help you to change the password from your node.

Price: 50 WAVES

Renting Tradisys leasing bot

Do you think that your node may soon become a leasing pool? If yes, then it is time for you to think about automating dividends payments to your lessors. You can rent our leasing bot that allows to:

  • Fully automate the payment process.
  • Flexibly adjust the frequency and time of payments.
  • Configure payout percentage.
  • Specify the list of tokens that you want to pay to your lessors.
  • Exclude certain addresses from payments and redistribute the funds between the rest.

Price: 30 WAVES/month

Tradisys Crew is an official ambassador of the Waves Platform.