Games Development

Waves Xmas Tree

Tradisys first game launched on Waves public blockchain and RIDE smart contracts. During Christmas time of 2018 users were able to decorate the tree and get a chance to win a prize of 3 Waves.

Fhloston Paradise

Fifth element, countdown, action!
Ruled by smart contracts. Won by patience.
The latest iteration of this game collected over 4700 Waves and lasted for 6 weeks. The relaunch is coming.

Dice Roller

Plain and simple game peppered with blockchain tech. Choose the dice sides, make a bet and see if you are lucky.
Trustless, fair, transparent. Powered by Waves blockchain.

New Ride - New Games!

With Waves smart contract language upgrade (Ride for dApps) approaching in Q2 2019 more Tradisys games are coming. Great speed, smoother UI and new game mechanics, so stay tuned!